The Perspective

What is the Patient Perspective?

The patient perspective is understanding the experiences of an individual living with an illness, from the patient’s point of view. It can be difficult to live life in the driver’s seat when dealing with an illness or disability. Navigating the healthcare system is challenging and overwhelming. Both physically and mentally, health challenges complicate everyday lives. However, being an advocate for patients rights can help to empower patients stories. Understanding the patient’s perspective is key to quality care. Focusing the attention on the patient’s needs creates an environment that is inclusive.

The Patient’s Role

As patients, it is our job to share our experiences, in order to improve the quality of care that is received. When patients are engaged with their healthcare, this can help them achieve greater benefits from the healthcare system. It is the job of the patient and patient’s caregivers/family to advocate for their physical and mental needs. It is to the advantage of a patient to educate and enlighten others with their story.

Embodying Engagement

Patients who embody their story and positively enforce sharing their perspective, about their health choices, often they lead journeys that are influential and respected. It is beneficial and helpful, to not only patients, but providers to have informed and educated patients. Professionalism is never a trait that is frowned upon. Patients want respect, quality-care, and insight on how to navigate their care. When patients embody and involve themselves within their care, their voices are heard. It is the job of the patient to be their own advocate so that the world can see through their eyes.

How do you embrace the difficulties of the healthcare system? Are you a patient advocate? Comment below your best tips to having your perspective understood.

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