Patient Perspective was founded in 2018, by CEO, Emma Widmar, who is also a patient living with a rare disease. Her experience, knowledge and understanding of the healthcare system led her to create what is now known as Patient Perspective. Patient Perspective is dedicated to providing advocacy, empowerment, and to improve the patient experience. This brand can be found online at https://thepatientperspective.org/ and on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube by searching “Patient Perspective.” Uniquely, this website and blog is non disease specific and encourages every patient, caregiver, and medical professional to feel empowered by their story. This website welcomes all patients to share their story. To shed a light on the trials and triumphs that patients experience, Patient Perspective will be here for you through all of your health journey.

When you are battling an illness or a family member is, times can be stressful and challenging. Patient Perspective is committed to supporting, advocating ,and to aid those in need by encouraging everyone to share their story. Emma Widmar is determined to share her rare disease journey, with determination to change the way society views and values the patients experience.

Emma has faced adversity because of her chronic rare diseases. She has learned that a diagnosis does not limit her, but allows her the ability to be an advocate. Emma learned quickly through her experiences as a patient that her perspective is often overlooked. By creating, Patient Perspective, she hopes to encourage others to share their story so the world may become educated on healthcare driven by the voice of patients.

“Do not wait to be healthy to do something wonderful, this story of yours will lead you to find your passion. It is those who face hardship and see beauty within the hardship that make the most out of life” said the founder.  She has realized that through the darkest times, the brightest light is to be discovered. Patient Perspective is not only her opportunity to enrich others, but it is yours too. Through advocacy and empowerment her mission is possible.

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