Dating with a Disability: Podcast by Brian & Emma

Love is for everyone

Dating is a risky and emotional journey that most individuals face. However, those withbriemma beach disabilities are faced with even more challenges when it comes to dating. Everyone wants to love, to be loved, yet those with disabilities struggle to find what they deserve.

I do not know everyone’s love story and every disability, therefore, I do not feel it is right for me to speak on behalf of the entire community. My experiences as a young woman with a disability and dating has provided me with a lot of insight in regards to relationships though. While there has been disadvantages to dating because of my illness, uniquely, my ability to be understanding and honest has flourished.

It is worth it

Relationships are challenging and take a lot of time and effort. Though, when you find that person who understands or “gets it”, the experiences are completely worth i. Brian has been that person to me.

Everyone responds to finding out about someones disability different, and sometimes the response can be negative, but also sometimes positive. It takes courage and faith to put yourself out there. If you are trying, be proud of yourself,

Brian was that person who completely just accepted me for who I was. The thoughts of “what ifs” and worries went away once I developed a relationship with him.b&e.jpg

Don’t hold back, stay true to who you are!

It isn’t always what you see. If you have an invisible illness, you know that. When I had the pleasure of meeting, Brian, he could visibly see that I was ill. I had a nasal gastric feeding tube which means there was no hiding who I truly was. From the start he was made aware of my illness.

It has not always been easy, but it has always been worth it. Try explaining to a man that you have just met that you carry an epi-pen, get nutrition through a tube, and frequently spend time in the Intensive Care Unit. Talk about nerve-racking.

For all of you reading who may have an illness, do not allow it to take you away from dating. You should never hide who you are to get someone to like you.

I couldn’t escape or hide my disability. In all honesty, I am not sure why I wouldn’t I’d want to hide any part of who I am. If someone can’t love you at your worst, then they don’t deserve the chance to love you at your best.

Grow through what you go through 28871851_1610876355660330_9127930751071813632_o

Time passed and I grew close to him and my disease did too. He started to really experience life the way I had. He became my support system and cared for me when I couldn’t for myself.

I had feelings of doubt, insecurities, and sadness, but all that changed when I realized that I wasn’t the one with a disadvantage because of my disability. Those who fail to see the beauty within those who are disabled are the ones disadvantaged in life.

Behind the Scenes

The internet does not always broadcast what is actually happening in real life. The internet doesn’t show every obstacle or success. A podcast was created below, with the help of Brian to dig a little deeper into “Dating with a Disability.” Enjoy! Please let me know what you think in the comments.

“The greatest gift you have given me is a different perspective.”-Brian


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