Networks Who Put The Patient First

4 Great Networks to follow including Mighty Well, The Mighty, Sick Chicks, and Bespoke- Happiness Made to Order
4 Great Networks to follow including Mighty Well, The Mighty, Sick Chicks, and Bespoke- Happiness Made to Order

Support What Supports You

Dealing with an illness or disability can be hard. I personally know that because I struggle with my own chronic illnesses. There are days when I feel defeated. Social media continually portrays images of women that do not relate to those with disabilities. I have found it is best to follow accounts that relate to me. I started following Mighty Well, The Mighty, Sick Chicks, and Bespoke-Happiness Made To Order on different social media accounts to help boost my confidence. These accounts empower those who have a disability and strive to raise awareness for those who are suffering. Please continue reading to learn about my favorite social media networks that always put the patient first! Also, take the time to follow them on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

1. Mighty Well

Learn To Love Yourself.

Emily Levy was diagnosed with Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease and then founded Mighty Well in hopes of changing the world. Emily saw the need for adaptive medical clothing.

The condition she was diagnosed with requires a medical device called a PICC line, also known as a long-term intravenous catheter. PICC lines must be covered at all times to prevent infection. Wearing a cut sock around her arm was the solution that the medical professionals had for Emily, to keep her line safe.

Certainly, this was not an ideal option for the stylish young woman. Emily created a product called “PICC Perfect” and then continued to create stylish adaptive medical clothing for patients like herself. In addition, Mighty Well has expanded into a support system for those with chronic illnesses.

Their social media networks are a safe space for those looking for a friend. The team at Mighty Well developed the motto “Friend in the Fight” to show their support to others battling chronic conditions. I love following their social media sites because they post inspiring quotes, information for patients, and work to better the patient experience. Emily and the other team members always work to respond quickly to messages, comments and questions too.

They may be a small business, but it is empowering to see how big of a difference she is making. Emily and the team are advocates for the patient community. Their social media sites will uplift you and give you strength. You know you want to, go follow them! You may even want to purchase a shirt off their site or check out their super awesome hats. Emily says ” Nothing powers physical healing like feeling like you, so get out there and do your thing. You are not a diagnosis, you’re Mighty Well®!” You can find their social media accounts below:

  • Website:
  • Instagram: mightywell_
  • Facebook: Mighty Well or join the group “Friends in the Fight”
  • Twitter: @LiveMightyWell

2. The Mighty

angelo brewing.pngDo you love to write? Do you write about your experiences living with a disability? If you answered “yes” to those two questions, then The Mighty is the site for you. The Mighty is a community for people facing illnesses and disabilities.

This network allows individuals who are facing illnesses to empower others by submitting their stories, tips, and guidance to their website. If chosen, they will publish the written submissions on their site. You can think of The Mighty as a huge support group with contributions from all over the world.

They give patients and caregivers the ability to connect through blogging and social media. How awesome is it that you can meet others going through the same experiences as you. I have met some of my best friends online. A few of them have even written pieces for The Mighty. Check their post below:

What is better than writing and connecting to others who are just like you? Now start writing and submit your work to them. Be sure to let me know if you do!

The Mighty can be reached at the sites below:

  • Website:
  • Instagram: @themightysite
  • Facebook: The Mighty
  • Twitter: @TheMightySite

3. Bespoke- Happiness Made To Order

Monica is a Milwaukee resident looking to raise awareness and support those battling mental illness. Monica’s efforts to raise awareness go beyond the Milwaukee border. She was a former employee in Milwaukee County and quit her job as a Deputy sherif to change the lives of those battling mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

Bespoke-Happiness Made to Order logo

After quitting her job, she drew positive attention to her company by going on a 2,400 mile bike ride. Her bike journey was a building block for her foundation. She raised awareness as she traveled a route along the west coast. Monica has developed a business that focuses on mental illness, but especially for those in the Law Enforcement who suffer these conditions.

She shares her own experiences on social media. She explains the effects of her job that goes unnoticed by the public such as anxiety and depression. It really makes you appreciate the work that people like her do for our community.

Monica is a close friend, but will open her arms to anyone in need. She is always a phone call away. She is not afraid to speak the truth and that is why I love following her! Now, go follow her and learn more about her mission! Always keep in mind, whatever cycle of life you are in, Bespoke-Happiness Made To Order is there for you.

  • Wesbite:
  • Facebook: Bespoke Happiness
  • Instagram: @bespokehappiness

4. Sick Chicks

Sick Chicks (2).png

Sick Chicks is an international support group that works diligently to unite and empower all women who have an illness or disability. Sick Chicks was founded by a patient herself named Shira. Shira works really hard to connect women with illnesses to others with illnesses so that they never feel alone.

On the Sick Chick’s social media sites, Shira talks about women empowerment, healthcare legislation, and how politics relate to those who have illnesses or disabilities. If that seems like something that interest you, I would totally go follow Sick Chicks!

I learned a lot from Sick Chicks. I learned about the importance of my voice as someone living with a rare disease. I got involved in politics because I saw how politics impacted healthcare and patients. Sick Chicks also allowed me to meet others who were in similar situations. I even was able to get more information about how to become a bigger advocate.

Sick Chicks is an empowering group of women who want to use their voices to make the world a more accessible and understanding place. If you love politics, healthcare, and meeting others like yourself then follow them.

Social media doesn’t have to be a place that excludes those with disabilities. It all about finding the organizations and companies that support those with illnesses or disablities. Just remember… empowered patients, empower people! Also, do not forget to follow Patient Perspective on Social Media. Go follow and be empowered!



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